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Travelling by car

Car parks

You come by car.

For a daily fee of CHF 22.00 you can park your car either in our underground car park or in our outdoor car park.

The car parks are located directly on the grounds of Hotel Odelya.


You come with your electric car.

Not only can you park with us for a daily fee of CHF 22.00, but you can also charge your car in our underground car park for your next trip.

Charging is done individually and is paid for separately directly at the petrol pump.

travelling by bus & train

SBB railway station

From SBB train station:
Bus no. 30 (direction Badischer Bahnhof) to Spalentor
Bus no. 50 (direction EuroAirport) to Brausebad
Tram No. 1 (direction Dreirosenbrücke) to Birmannsgasse

From French Railway Station:
The station is spatially connected to Basel SBB station, but has its own platform hall with its own tracks and is separated from SBB station by a customs barrier. The tracks are numbered from 30 to 35, although there is no track 34.


Badischer Bahnhof

From Badischer Bahnhof:
Bus no. 30 (direction SBB train station) to Spalentor


Public transport stop Spalentor

The Spalentor bus stop is a 2-minute walk from our hotel, making it the closest.


Public transport stop Brausebad

At the Brausebad stop, bus no. 50 stops directly to Euroairport.



Events in Basel

Discover Basel, the city on the Rhine.

There's something for everyone in Basel.

From the largest selection of museums in Europe to concerts of all kinds. From zoo visits to ancient Roman ruins.

Whether a city trip, family holiday or business trip, Basel offers a wide range of activities and sights that should not be missed. 

From Hotel Odelya you can reach most of the attractions and sights in Basel on foot in just a few minutes.


Basel Art Museum

The Museum der Kulturen Basel (MKB) is one of the most important ethnological museums in Europe. It collects artefacts from all over the world and exhibits them to promote understanding of all cultures. Preserving the collection is just as much a part of the MKB's remit as researching it. The MKB communicates its findings in exhibitions, events and publications.

It is only 9 minutes by bike from the Hotel Odelya to the Museum of Cultures and a good 15 minutes on foot.


Fondation Beyeler

With over 300 works, it documents Hildy and Ernst Beyeler's view of 20th century art and conveys key painterly aspects of classical modernism, from Monet, Cézanne and van Gogh to Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Bacon.
The artworks of classical modernism are juxtaposed with objects of ethnographic art from Africa, Oceania and Alaska.

The Foundation Beyer can be reached from the Hotel Odelya in 33 minutes by tram and 15 minutes by car.


Museum Tinguely

With his kinetic works of art, Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) is one of the most important pioneers of art after 1950. The museum, designed by Mario Botta, is located directly on the Rhine and presents the world's largest collection of his works. A selection from this collection is on permanent display: from the early filigree reliefs to the monumental machine sculptures of the 1980s.

The Museum Tinguely presents a varied exhibition programme that seeks dialogue with other artists, art forms and sciences. The focus is on an interactive museum experience for all the senses.

Varied events such as guided tours and workshops for all ages, concerts, artistic interventions and interdisciplinary collaborations offer the opportunity to experience the collection and exhibitions in a variety of ways.

From the Hotel Odelya you can reach the Tinguely Museum in 11 minutes by bike or 25 minutes by tram.


Theatre Basel

The Theater Basel, which has twice been named Opera House of the Year and repeatedly invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen, attracts well-known actors, directors and artistic directors from all over the German-speaking world. Dance, music and drama alternate at Switzerland's largest three-division theatre, with opera classics followed by modern theatre productions. 

But Basel's small theatre scene also captivates audiences with its own lavish productions.

From the Hotel Odelya, the Basel Theatre can be reached by bike in 8 minutes, by tram in 9 minutes or on foot in just under 20 minutes.


Museum of Cultures

The Museum der Kulturen Basel is one of the most important ethnographic museums in Europe. The world-renowned collection comprises more than 340,000 objects. In addition to the two permanent exhibitions, several special exhibitions are organised each year to present and reposition parts of the collection. With current and everyday themes, they shed light on the diverse cultural dimensions worldwide. This allows visitors to see the world through different eyes.

Every first Wednesday evening of the month, the museum presents an ethnological topic and discusses current social issues with visitors, tells stories from a new perspective and reveals surprising connections in everyday life.

The Museum of Cultures is just 9 minutes by bike, 18 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by tram from the Hotel Odelya.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum Basel is over 200 years old. What was true when it was founded in the 19th century is still true today: we are passionate about collecting, researching, maintaining and communicating.
The museum is one of the five cantonal museums. As a state institution, we fulfil our legal mandate to preserve and research the collections, to expand them and to illustrate their contents and stories to the public. 

You can easily reach the Natural History Museum from the Hotel Odelya in 9 minutes by bike, in a good 15 minutes on foot or in 16 minutes by tram.


Marvel Universe Exhibition I 23.03.2024-31.08.2024

Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Panther, The Incredible Hulk and Black Widow: the "Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes" exhibition, which has already attracted millions of enthusiastic visitors worldwide, is now coming to Europe for the first time!

Original drawings, real costumes, props from Hollywood and interactive elements make a visit to the biggest Marvel exhibition of all time an unforgettable experience for the whole family and the Marvel community. With amazing stories and fascinating tales about the legendary characters, the exhibition at Messe Basel will inspire visitors. Visitors will experience the stuff that heroes are made of and immerse themselves in the fantastic world of superheroes!

You can reach the Marvel exhibition from the Hotel Odelya in 8 minutes by bike, in approx. 25 minutes and in 19 minutes on foot.

Take a look at our superhero range.


Toy museum

The Toy Worlds Museum Basel is home to the world's largest collection of historical teddy bears, toy shops, dolls and contemporary miniatures. Changing special exhibitions invite young and old to join in, marvel and experience.

The Speilzeug Welten Basel is a 15-minute walk, 6 minutes by bike and 10 minutes by tram from the Hotel Odelya. 


Sehenswürdigkeiten I Aktivitäten

Basel Zoo

Why visit Basel Zoo?

5 good reasons

Basel Zoo introduces visitors to the beauty of nature and offers recreation in a natural park landscape. It places animals and nature at the centre and lets architecture, technology and logistics fade into the background.

Basel Zoo encourages visitors to think about nature and contribute to its protection. It participates in nature conservation projects.

Basel Zoo imparts knowledge by visualising animals and their habitats and arousing curiosity. It is the region's competent source of information on living animals and their role in nature.

Basel Zoo conducts research in the areas of species conservation, animal husbandry and animal health and works closely with universities and other scientific institutions.

You can reach Basel Zoo from the Hotel Odelya in 6 minutes by bike, 17 minutes by tram and approx. 20 minutes on foot.


Basel Minster

Basel Minster is one of the main sights and a landmark of the city of Basel in Switzerland. With its red sandstone construction and colourful roof tiles, its two slender church towers and the intersecting main roofs, the cathedral dominates the cityscape. The former episcopal church, now a Protestant Reformed church, was built between 1019 and 1500 in Romanesque and Gothic styles.

In front of Basel Minster is the square named after it, which is lined with many former canons' houses. In Basel German dialect, it is simply known as Minschter.

You can easily reach Basel Minster from the Hotel Odelya in 9 minutes by bike, just under 20 minutes on foot or in 14 minutes by tram.


Basel Trade Fair

The MCH Group has its origins in the Swiss Sample Fair, which opened its doors for the first time in 1917. In 2001, Messe Basel and Messe Zürich merged to form MCH Swiss Exhibition, and since 2009 we have been the MCH Group, an internationally active live marketing company. The MCH Group also includes Expomobilia, MCH Global and MC2.

In Basel, organisers have five exhibition halls and 25 halls and rooms with a total area of 141,000 m² at their disposal. Over 300 events are held here every year, attracting over 900,000 visitors.

You can reach Messe Basel in 9 minutes by bike, 14 minutes by tram and just under 20 minutes on foot.


Augusta Raurica

The Roman colony of Augusta Raurica (Latin Colonia Augusta Rauricorum 'City of Augustus in the Land of the Rauricans') is located around ten kilometres east of Basel in Switzerland on the south bank of the Rhine. It was officially founded in 44 BC and developed into the largest city in the region. Around 200 AD, around 10,000 people lived here. The civilian settlement lasted until around 280 A.D. After the settlement was briefly reduced to a much smaller residential area (enceinte réduite), the Castrum Rauracense was built in the northern part of the city on the Rhine around 300, which housed Roman troops for around 100 years. In the 7th century, the town lost its importance to the new regional centre of Basel. Today, the ancient settlement area extends over the municipalities of Augst (BL) and Kaiseraugst (AG). The Roman town has hardly been built over and is only gradually being explored through emergency excavations.

You can reach Augusta Raurica from the Hotel Odelya in 17 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train, 14 minutes by tram and just under 20 minutes on foot.


Basel Middle Bridge

The Mittlere Brücke (usually called the Mittlere Rheinbrücke, but its official name is the Middle Rhine Bridge) is the oldest Rhine crossing in Basel. It is located at Rhine kilometre 166.53[1] and is considered the border between the High Rhine and the Upper Rhine. The first bridge at this location was built in the first half of the 13th century and stood - with modifications - until 1903, when it was replaced by the current bridge. Until the opening of the Wettstein Bridge in 1879, the Middle Bridge was Basel's only Rhine crossing.

You can reach the Mittlere Brücke from the Hotel Odelya in 5 minutes by bike, 16 minutes on foot and 13 minutes by tram.


Basel Barracks

The Kaserne Basel is one of the most important venues for the independent contemporary theatre, dance, performance and pop music scene in Switzerland. It is also an important partner of the local, national and international theatre and dance scene and, as a co-producer, continuously promotes the development of independent theatre and dance companies as well as young artists from Basel, Switzerland and all over the world.

The Kaserne is 5 minutes by bike, 14 minutes by tram and 20 minutes on foot from the Hotel Odelya.


Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Basel was founded in 1589 by Caspar Bauhin and is now located next to the Spalentor in the historic part of the city of Basel. The garden displays over 7,500 different plant species from all of the world's major habitats in various show houses and outdoor areas.

The new tropical house was opened at the end of May and the unique titanium orchid was already in bloom shortly afterwards.

The botanical garden is 3 minutes by bike and 6 minutes on foot from the Hotel Odelya.


Old Town Basel

Basel's old town has an architectural diversity that is unrivalled. The Middle Bridge, as it stands today, was completed in 1905. However, its predecessor already stood around 1220, and from the bridge you have an impressive view of Basel's skyline and the Basel Minster. Our cathedral has towered gracefully over the city for over 800 years. Definitely a must-see! You can visit the imposing church and cloister and climb the 250 steps to the top of the towers during the cathedral's opening hours - the view is definitely worth it! 

You can reach Basel's old town from the Hotel Odelya in 11 minutes by tram, 14 minutes on foot or 7 minutes by bike.



Das Wort «Pfalz» leitet sich ab vom lateinischen Begriff Palatium für Palast. Die hoch über dem Rhein gelegene Terrasse hinter dem Münster wird so genannt, weil sich in unmittelbarer Nähe einst der Wohnsitz des Bischofs befand. Von der Aussichtsterrasse führt auf der einen Seite eine Treppe hinunter zum Anleger der Münsterfähre. Auf der anderen Seite gelangt man durch eine schmale Pforte in den stillen Kreuzgang der Kathedrale. Hier finden Sie viele reich geschmückte Grabtafeln von Mitgliedern bekannter Basler Familien aus der Zeit zwischen dem 16. und dem 19. Jahrhundert.

Die Pfalz liegt 10 min. mit dem Velo, 20 min. zu Fuss und 16 min mit der Tram vom Hotel Odelya entfernt.



Das Schwimmen im Rhein ist im Sommer der Basler Volkssport Nummer 1. Machen Sie es wie die Locals und erleben Sie ein Freizeitvergnügen der besonderen Art. Die Kleider hält dabei der bunte Wickelfisch trocken – ein Schwimmsack in der Form eines Fischs und eine Basler Erfindung.

Den Wickelfisch steht bei uns Im Hotel Odelya an der Rezeption für Sie bereit.


Basler Nachtleben

Basel weiss, wie Feiern geht. Die Bars, Pubs und Clubs der Stadt sind so abwechslungsreich wie die Drinks – hier lässt sich die Nacht problemlos zum Tag machen.

Sie erreichen die Clubs und Bars von Basel vom Hotel Odelya problemlos zu Fuss, mit der Tram oder mit dem Velo.


Basel Shopping

Wenn Sie in Basel einkaufen möchten, beginnen Sie Ihre Shoppingtour am besten in der Altstadt. Die Geschäfte in der Innenstadt locken mit vielen tollen Angeboten.

Von der lebhaften Freie Strasse zum Marktplatz, vom Spalenberg mit kleinen Boutiquen und feinen Läden wie dem weltbekannten Christbaumschmuckgeschäft Johann Wanner bis zu Manor, dem ältesten Warenhaus der Stadt – im Zentrum liegt alles nah beieinander, zu Fuss kommen Sie am besten voran. Und auch in den Trendquartieren wie der St. Johanns-Vorstadt oder an der Feldbergstrasse gibt es unzählige hübsche Dinge in den vielen kleinen Ladengeschäften zu entdecken.


Lange Erlen Zoo

Lange Erlen Zoo - the pearl in Kleinbasel

Founded in 1871, the Lange Erlen Zoo in Kleinbasel is open all year round free of charge. It is appreciated by the local population and is very popular. You can discover native wild animals such as red deer, fallow deer, chamois, foxes, wild boar, lynx, wild cats, eagle owls - and the "foreign" capuchin monkeys. Various birds are at home in the aviaries and on the waterways. Donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, woolly pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, geese, pigeons and bees can be seen in the adventure farm. In recent years, many natural enclosures and permanent paths have been realised. The animals are kept in a species-appropriate and professional manner by highly trained animal keepers in accordance with the latest findings.

The Langen Erlen Animal Park can be reached from the Hotel Odelya by train in approx. 30 minutes, by bike in 15 minutes and by car in 10 minutes.

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